REVIEW: Shiraz Lane – EP: Vibration I


After the successful release of their sophomore album “Carnival Days” in 2018, the groovy hard rock act SHIRAZ LANE is back for more. The band is releasing a brand new EP “Vibration I”, a second part “Vibration II” will be released on a later occasion.

While according to the guys, “Vibration II” is supposed to be a little bit more artsy and experimental, “Vibration I” is following the same path as their sophomore album, with five tracks high on energy, which the band talked about in our most recent interview.

If you have followed SHIRAZ LANE‘s career, by now you should know that most of their tracks are high on energy, groovy and have a typical SHIRAZ LANE-vibe, a sound hard to describe but has jazz, blues, and a lot of oomph incorporated in the music. The opening track of the album “Keep it Alive,” is a great example of this sound, and kicks off the album with a great groove. The previously released “Do You” follows in a similar way. “Do You” is an uplifting, mid-tempo track that again has a catchy chorus you just have to sing along with. If you like a little bit of funkier guitars, and a slower groove, “Revolution” is definitely your cup of tea. It’s a tad slower than the other two songs, but still has a lot of great moments and feels easy-to-the-ear. “You Will Remain,” is perhaps the poppiest song of the album, and will certainly attract a new kind of audience to the band. The song is a bit more emotive than the other tracks, and this also shows how versatile vocalist Hannes Kett is. The last track on the “Vibration I” is a cover of SAVAGE GARDEN‘s “To the Moon and Back”, a song that I personally hadn’t heard of before. A little research taught me the song was originally released in 1996. SHIRAZ LANE definitely made the song their own, by adding their own spices to the mix. The track is a welcome addition to four great original songs and truly feels like their own composition.

The five songs on “Vibration I,” will definitely put you in a good mood after listening to them. They’re all high on energy, catchy and a lot of fun. SHIRAZ LANE‘s compositions have matured even more, and offer often a groovy listening experience to which you certainly want to move. We already can’t wait for “Vibration II”!


1. Keep it Alive
2. Do You
3. Revolution
4. You Will Remain
5. To the Moon and Back (SAVAGE GARDEN cover)


Hannes Kett – lead vocals
Jani Laine – lead guitar
Miki Kalske – rhythm guitar
Joel Alex – bass
Ana Willman – drums


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