REVIEW: Rave The Reqviem – Fvneral [sic]


Rave The Reqviem recently released their new album “FVNERAL [sic]”, this time with a new addition to the band: new singer The Seraph links her versatile rock voice to the electronic vocals and shouts by The Prophet. The album was released on 19 October 2018.


With the new album, the band is building on past success. The album starts off with the title track, an intro with an industrial almost filthy electronic sound to it, it really warms up the album and hints towards a true explosion, which happens towards the end of the intro when growls are added to the track, after which “Skydweller” sets not only the tempo but the bar really high as a stat. The alternation between The Seraph and The prophet is really great and worth listening to. Often, I’m reminded of a more electronic and industrial version of Amaranthe, where the female vocals tend to shine more. All the songs are very catchy and highly addictive. Their sound, in general, feels a bit of a mix between Scandinavia’s best acts of pop, disco, Eurodance and industrial metal. It might be the alterations between the singer and the sound of The Prophet but I’m sometimes even reminded of the Danish-Norwegian Eurodance act Aqua, which somehow makes me feel a bit nostalgic listening to their music. If I have to pick a couple of songs that were my personal favorites, I’d say the energetic “Are Yov Happy Now, Fidelio?”, the upbeat in the midst “Ghost Royale”, and the fast-paced “Ovtnvmbered”. The album closes off with the instrumental epic “For They Shall Inherit The Earth”.

I hadn’t heard yet of this band, but I was really amazed by their music and upbeat songs. This is definitely music I feel like dancing to, in fact, it has completely thrown me off my balance. Hopefully, the band gets to start touring, because I would definitely love to watch these addictive tunes live. The production is outstanding and the album is a creative mix and mash of classics like AbbaAmarantheAqua etc. resulting in some true catchy songs, with energetic melodies and lots and lots of amazing synth sounds. If you like your industrial metal catchy, then this is a band for you!

Schermafbeelding 2018-10-23 om 21.55.21.png

THE PROPHET- Vocals, Gvitars, Synthesizer, Programming, Prodvction
THE HIGH PRIEST – Vocals, Live Electronics


01. FVNERAL [sic] 
02. Skydweller 
03. Saint Jvdas 
04. Are Yov Happy Now, Fidelio 
05. Horizon 
06. Ghost Royale 
07. Ovtnvmbered 
08. Illvminate Me 
09. Crack The Sky 
10. Till Death Do Me Part 
11. For They Shall Inherit The Earth