FEATURED SINGLE: Wolfhorde – Doctor Of The Plague


Welcome back to another one of the long overdue Featured Single posts, where we showcase some of the most intriguing latest single the Finnish metal scene has to offer. This time around I picked out a band from one of the press releases I got from Inverse Records. Wolfhorde was founded already in the early 2000s. The band has changed styles a lot, but now they play solid folk metal. The band produces music loaded with acoustic and traditional elements and mixes them together in a way that creates strong atmospheres.


We can expect nothing else in “Doctor Of The Plague”. The band is not shy to use storytelling in their music, with lyrical themes varying from the Iron Age, until the present world, which are often inspired by mythology, history, nature, shamanism and so on. “Doctor Of The Plague” is clearly inspired by historical events during the Middle Ages. 

What strikes me most about this song is that even though it’s very up-to-date, it does have a medieval feel to it. In other words, the band has managed to create an amazing and almost eerie atmosphere by juxtaposing some traditional melodies which we wouldn’t perhaps expect nowadays anymore. The song starts off with a very folk rhythmic guitar and drums. Before it dives head over heels into a catchy folk section. It has a lot of powerful melodies, great rhythms and it isn’t shy of blast beats and also has some very compelling interludes.  “Doctor Of The Plague” spends a good time building up to a climax but offers quite an experience once the song accelerates to full momentum, not one moment is wasted. A second key element to this song is the vocals. What a gifted singer, his voice is very versatile but sounds good to me in every aspect we hear in the song.

“Doctor Of The Plague” has a lot of twists and turns and it surprises me with every second it dives deeper into the story. This is folk metal done the right way and I swear is one of the best folk metal tracks I have heard in 2018. A band to look out for, this is only a taste of what they have to offer, hopefully, the new album will be released soon.