REVIEW: Polanski – Mosquito


REVIEW: Polanski - Mosquito


The grunge/alt rock act POLANSKI released their latest album "Mosquito" on 22 February 2019. I didn't know the band before, but am familiar with vocalist Anttoni Pikkarainen's other band FLAT EARTH, because of that I was curious to see what he was doing with POLANSKI, and as a result had to review the album. 

What POLANSKI does with "Mosquito" is quite simple, they're bringing back the nineties in your living room. The band made me wander through the memories of soundscapes I used to listen to as a kid, more specifically alternative rock acts and nineties grunge acts. Think of a mixture of NIRVANA, ALICE IN CHAINS, PEARL JAM, SOUNDGARDEN, THERAPY?, FOO FIGHTERSAUDIOSLAVE and INCUBUS to name a few. The band, however, doesn't stick to just one recipe and deliver us a variety of songs that sound both nostalgic and fresh at the same time. From the more down-to-earth opening track "Deathcrown", to the energetic "New School", a song that anyone who has a decent sense of rhythm would instantly jump along to, the band doesn't shy away from experimenting on the record, resulting in some hooky riffs, groovy bass lines and great vocals.

Whether it's chunky rhythm, heavy grind, or amazing sustaining vocals you're looking for, POLANSKI gets you these and everything in between. Personal highlights for me were the previously mentioned "New School", "Through" that has an epic bass opening, and "Minor Heart". The band had a couple of surprises for me in store, such as the bluesy, and emotional "Call Home". "All Hail" is a song that really has that ultimate nineties vibe going on that I often miss in rock music nowadays. All-in-all, if you like your rock inspired by the nineties rock scene and the above mentioned acts, then POLANSKI is definitely a band you need to check out. "Mosquito" is a perfect example that reviving the nineties is an excellent idea, even the production has that nineties-feel to it, a raw edge, not perfectly polished, but all-in-all ver well-balanced, and definitely an album that you should sneak into your collection! 


  1. Deathcrown
  2. What If
  3. New School
  4. Yours Alone
  5. Through
  6. Call Home
  7. Minor Heart
  8. Silver Player
  9. All Hail
  10. No Longer


Anttoni Pikkarainen - Vocals & guitar
Kalle Loimula - Guitar
Miika Kyyrö Bass
Tyko Haapala - Drums