REVIEW: Hyperomm – Transcendence


HYPEROMM, a one-man melodic death metal infused studio project, lead by multi-instrumentalist Anton Trubin, recently released its second full-length album “Transcendence” in September 2019. With influences such as CHILDREN OF BODOM, KALMAH, and OMNIUM GATHERUM, this album is a must-listen-to for Finnish melodic death metal fans.

The album kicks off with the energetic “Portal”, that vaguely reminds me of “The Age Of Absurdity” by the German sludge metal act MANTAR. It has some intriguing melodies, and riffs that embrace both the new and old features of melodic death metal, and includes a nifty guitar solo. With this ballsy opener “Transcendence” doesn’t beat around the bush, and the influences of the project are instantly clear. The song ends abruptly and continues in the next track of the album “Weighing Of The Heart”, which has CHILDREN OF BODOM-like keyboard melodies, includes twin guitar melodies and aggressive riffs. The album enters a realm of chaos during “Patala”, which balances sheer brutality with soft purity, and fragility. “Charnel Wraight” is perhaps the fastest track on the album, and has an outstanding flow to it. With IN FLAMES-like melodies, “Vortex Of Hell” enticed me in straight away. The melody in this track is somewhat empowering and it gives off the vibe of being able to conquer the world. The album ends on a powerful note with the closing duo “Transcendence”, and “The Story”. The intro to the track is truly enchanting and builds up a nice atmosphere for “The Story” to fully kick in. The song kicks in a bit more poppy with a piano/synth melody that continues throughout the whole song and adds a fresh touch to the whole album. The only thing that bothers me a little bit on “Transcendence”, and hopefully will be developed more during the next releases is the sound of its drums, which comes across as very machine-like, hiring a session drummer to play on the album could perhaps improve this.

Throughout “Transcendence” there’s a great deal of strength, determination, and brutality, but it’s all balanced out neatly with sometimes even poppier elements. Each track contains something that keeps your attention. Soaring melodies play along with razor-sharp riffs and unmistakable growls making “Transcendence” something worth the while for any fan of melodic death metal.


Anton Trubin – Guitars, Vocals, Sampling, Drums


  1. Portal
  2. Weighing of the Heart
  3. Metempsychosis
  4. Patala
  5. Eternal Feast
  6. Charnel Wraith
  7. Illusory State
  8. Vortex of Hell
  9. Transcendence
  10. The Story


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