REVIEW: Giant Mammoth – EP: Occultation


Formed in Tampere in 2014, garage rock duo Giant Mammoth have released their latest EP Occultation on 10 August 2018.


What makes a good garage rock song? Spacing out on the tunes of Giant Mammoth is definitely possible, in their songs they have good ideas. Drums that will pound on your soul, excellent sound and amazing groovy bass lines and heavy riffs. This starts right away with the opener “Fumes” and then transitions into the catchy “Spaceman”. “Spaceman” shows how this heavy alternative rock band has a ruthless groove. The band consists out of two great musicians, who have the ability to create a great atmosphere in their tracks. I lose myself in the moment during the song, as it gets heavier and heavier. “Desolation” inserts a nice break, by starting mellow, spacey mood. The title track “Occultation” is yet another powerful song that convinces me of the potential of this band. To answer my question, a good garage rock song allows you to lose yourself in the moment, enjoy the impressively created moods and should have a great build-up. These are all elements that I can find back in Giant Mammoth’s music.

Hearing Giant Mammoth for the first time is like discovering a rough diamond. It’s rough and raw at first, but once it’s cut and processed, thus with a more polished sound and a bit of a better production, the band will allow themselves to shine. The tracks don’t disappoint, they have refreshing, creative ideas and many great angles and surprises. Especially the instrumental tracks are creative, the vocals could perhaps benefit some more finetuning overall, but Eetu Ollikainen has a nice warm sound that is versatile and really easy to listen to, he reminds me a bit of Thom Yorke. The outlook for greater things is yet to come from this band.

Eetu Ollikainen – Vocals, Guitar & Bass
Anssi Karti – Drums

1. Fumes
2. Spaceman
3. Desolation
4. Occultation