REVIEW: Evil Bastards From Hell – EP: Extended Pleasure


A little while ago Evil Bastards From Hell, from Valkeakoski, released their new EP “Extended Pleasure”. The band is fueled by inspiration taken from hard rock, heavy metal, glam and hair metal.


“Extended Pleasure” is only five tracks long, but nevertheless the album is consistent throughout the whole ride and each song sounds equal. Their sound is something they can sustain throughout the whole length of the EP.

Opening track “4 on 1” bends and swirls around its rock roots with touches of sleaze rock in its guitar lines and vocals. The song starts quite firmly, with catchy riffs and vocals. The lyrics are quite simplistic and at first, I wondered if this was going to last throughout the whole album, however, the next track “AssClöwn” shows me that that’s not the case. “Satan’s Minions” for me is the most well-rounded song on the EP, compromising all the best elements in this type of music, from catchy riffs to fresh melodies. This is my personal highlight of the EP. What would an EP be without a slower track? “Dirty Feelings” starts off slow-paced but gains strength throughout the track. Lastly, the album concludes with “Chromatic Power Blast”, which is probably the catchiest song of the five.

The album shows the potential of the rock band. If you’re a fan of rock music that incorporates heavy metal influences like Judas Priest, this is an album you will enjoy. The album is pretty straightforward and easy to listen to, has some great vocal melodies, heavy riffs, nifty guitar solos and definitely a lot of untapped potential in the band’s music. The focus for the future, however, should further develop their own sound more and more as they continue in their path. Songs are not too complex, they follow a simple structure and that’s perhaps something the band can still improve on a bit.

Five tracks were not enough for me to discover the true potential of this band and hope to listen to more of their material soon to get to know them better. So if you’re looking for some straightforward hard rock or heavy metal, this is a band that is definitely worth to check out.

Veijo – vocals
Nas – drums
Velkku – guitars
Kim – bass

1. 4 on 1
2. AssClöwn
3. Satan’s Minions
4. Dirty Feelings
5. Chromatic Power Blast

For Fans Of
Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Ratt