REVIEW: Follow the Cipher – Follow the Cipher


What’s with the water in Falun? The small town in Sweden has brought us so many power metal bands, after Sabaton and Twilight Force, comes now Follow the Cipher. Another addition to Falun‘s forestanding power metal scene. Follow the Cipher will release their debut album on 11 May through Nuclear Blast Records.
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I have come to realize after one year of writing reviews and going to concerts that the metal music industry has somehow been radically changing towards a cross-disciplinary approach to genres. Many bands nowadays take a lot of different elements from all the subgenres and even other music genres and blend it into one coherent sound that fits well with their style. I know, this has been going on for a little while, but I slowly started to realize only now that it became a thing. Follow The Cipher with their self-titled debut album, is no exception to that formula of success. Is it safe to say that they gave their own interpretation to what power metal is according to them? Yes! Whether you like their perspective or not, is of course up to you, but the album has many songs that are a great success and sound very refreshing. Revolutionary.
Not only is the sound that Follow The Cipher has managed to create very refreshing, so is the musicianship behind the album. The whole album shouts creativity. Take that into addition with the very powerful vocals of Linda Toni Grahn, you get a really recognizable sound.  
The album itself contains a couple of great tracks. Starting from the opening song “Enter the Cipher”, which really gives you an instant notion of what you are going to deal with, it’s perhaps not the best song out there on the album, but definitely shows what the band has to offer. “Valkyria” on the other hand is a song that will lead you through some twists and turns and will get you  hooked with its catchy chorus. “The Rising” offers a very solid power metal track. And don’t forget the cover of Sabaton‘s hit song “Carolus Rex”.
This album contains plenty of tracks you will love from the first seconds playing them, it’s easy to listen to and you will instantly replay it to wonder if that’s really what you heard. The album contains both great and inspired riffs and catchy melodies. The electro pop-synth melodies will keep you engaged throughout the whole album. As a debut album this is really promising and it will definitely show us a bright future ahead.
Nuclear Blast Records
Linda Toni Grahn – Vocals
Ken Kängström – Guitar
Karl Löfgren – Drums
Viktor Carlsson – Guitar,Vocals
Jonas Asplind – Bass

1. Enter The Cipher
2. Valkyria
3. My Soldiet
4. Winterfall
5. Titan’s Call
6. The Rising
7. A Mind’s Escape
8. Play With Fire
9. I Revive
10. Starlight
11. Carolus Rex