Playlist of My Life: Olav Dowkes (Bokassa) (Musicalypse Archive)


For followers of punk music, or those who like the drones of stoner rock, BOKASSA might be on your radar. Currently on a European tour with METALLICA, these Norwegians will be playing in the Hämeenlinna Tapahtumapuisto [event park] on July 16th, 2019. In preparation for their Finnish invasion, here is the playlist of drummer Olav Dowkes‘ life:

1. The first song you remember hearing as a child

I think it was maybe “Surfin USA” by THE BEASCH BOYS. I remember my mom getting one of their best-of CDs for Christmas one year and playing the hell out of it.

2. The first song you can recall ever really and truly loving

“Yellow Submarine”! I remember my mom leaving me in the car when she was picking up some things from her friend. THE BEATLES “1” album with all their number one hits was in the car and for some reason I kept repeating that song over and over; probably ended up hearing it ten times that day.

3. A song that you loved as a teenager/reminds you of high school

That would probably be something by THE RAMONES. I got way into punk when I was 13-14 and THE RAMONES was the band that made me a fan of the genre. To choose one of their songs is difficult, but let’s go with “Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World.”

4. The song or band that got you into metal music (or the current genre you play in)

“Enter Sandman.” There’s just something about that song that can make anyone who hears it like it. “The Black Album” was also the first album I got on my own, by trading in a copy of “Hits for Kids” that I had gotten for my birthday. I remember the clerk at the store said, “Yeah, I would have done the same,” when I did.

5. The most recent song to get stuck in your head

“Who Made Who” by AC/DC.

6. Your guilty pleasure song/band

Right now it’s “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish.

7. The first album you bought with your own money/the first album you were really excited to own

If the aforementioned “Black Album” story doesn’t suffice, I did ask my mother for money one time to buy “Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water” by LIMP BIZKIT. I remember her being really disappointed when I came back with it, because her birthday was the next day and she thought I was getting a CD for her, haha!

8. A song that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot beverage

“Them Changes” by THUNDERCAT; super chill and cool song!

9. A song to blast at full volume while you’re on the road

“Selfdestructo Bust” by TURBONEGRO. They are a constant [presence] in the music we play on the road; one time we listened to nothing but TURBONEGRO both back and forth to a gig that was 3 hours away from our hometown, Trondheim.

10. The song you’d most like to be played at your funeral

Would be cool to have “Another One Bites the Dust” by QUEEN. It’s funny picturing everyone grieving but at the same time tapping their feet or bobbing their heads because the groove of the song is too strong. And my funeral would of course also have an open bar.

Interview by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2019
OV: 1234



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