Nytt Land Releases Haunting Video for “Svartravn” + Announces Exclusive Live Stream Concert


With their new album, “Ritual,” being unveiled to the world this Friday, August 6, via Napalm RecordsNYTT LAND offers another glimpse into their haunting and unique world of Shamanic Dark Folk!

Just as NYTT LAND begins “Svartravn” with mysterious whispers, the listener is pulled into the melancholic atmosphere of the song – a true display of NYTT LAND‘s Shamanic Dark Folk. Experimental vocal technique meets deep, stomping percussive instrumentation inspired by ancient Siberian and Northern European culture. NYTT LAND is a truly unique duo and has rightfully earned millions of cross-platform streams with their authentic, traditional take on folk music.

NYTT LAND about the video for “Svartravn”:
‘Svartravn’ for us is one of the most melodic and most dramatic songs in the new album. A lot of emotions are associated with it in the process of composing and recording. And undoubtedly, this energy is very accurately visualized in the video created for this song. In Russia, there is a very famous 19th-century kozak’s ballad, called ‘Black Raven.’ And when we found the text that formed the basis of the song ‘Svartravn,’ we were simply amazed that it says the same thing as in this Russian ballad. Therefore, this song got its name exactly ‘Svartravn’ – from the Icelandic language it is precisely ‘Black Raven’ that is translated.”

NYTT LAND adds about the animation in the “Svartravn” music video:
“The work on the video for the song opened up the opportunity for us to work with the talents of the Siberian artist Ksenia Shcherbinina (Instagram: @kseniash_art) and the animation designer Alexander Golovko. A truly colossal work has been done, each frame of the clip is drawn by hand to bring to life the epic northern legend of betrayal and revenge, valor, and fearlessness in the face of death. And of course, we all look forward to continuing our cooperation. And maybe soon we will meet again with the heroes created by Ksenia and Alexander to find out the continuation of this story, which was born in the work on the song ‘Svartravn’.”

“Ritual” is a previously uncharted display of intense, dark folk music inspired by NYTT LAND‘s unique, authentic and ancient Siberian culture. If bands like WARDRUNAHEILUNG, or RUNAHILD ensnare your senses, then you must prepare for this “Ritual”!

In celebration of the release of “Ritual,” NYTT LAND will perform their new album live on August 13 at 8:00PM CET/2:00PM EDT via the Napalm Records YouTube channel – make sure to join the Ritual and experience this one of a kind musical performance!

Natasha “Baba Yaga” Pakhalenko – vocal, throat singing, drums, percussion, flutes, programming
Anatoly “Shaman” Pakhalenko – vocal, throat singing, tagelharpa, mouth-harp, percussion, horn, programming

NYTT LAND online:
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