The HEVISAURUS song “100” is released today as the third single from the upcoming album, “Bändikouluun!”, out on October 25. “100” is an almost 10-minute masterpiece featuring many internationally known musicians from Finland and abroad. Watch the “100” music video below.

Bändikouluun! is the eighth album from HEVISAURUS. The band, consisting of four dinosaurs and one dragon, was born in 2009 from an idea to create first-rate metal music for kids and their parents. In Finland, the band has won two local “Grammy Awards”, their first album sold double platinum figures and all albums have reached platinum and gold levels.

Featured musicians on the song “100”:

Marco Hietala / Nightwish
Noora Louhimo/ Battle Beast
Timo Kotipelto / Stratovarius
Samy Elbanna / Lost Society
Pasi Rantanen / Thunderstone
Olavi Tikka / Milestones
Tony Kakko / Sonata Arctica
Mikko Kotamäki / Swallow the Sun
Netta Laurenne / Smackbound
Mikael Salo / Thy Row, Metal De Facto
Teemu Mäntysaari / Wintersun, Smackbound
Jens Johansson / Stratovarius, Rainbow
Daniel Freyberg / Children of Bodom
Markus Vanhala / Omnium Gatherum, Insomnium
Kiko Loureiro / Megadeth
Matias Kupiainen / Stratovarius
Iivo Kaipainen & Arttu Vauhkonen / Arion
Kai Hansen / Gamma Ray, Unisonic
Tim Hansen / Induction
Joona Björkroth / Battle Beast, Brymir
Henrik Klingenberg / Sonata Arctica
Niko Tyrväinen / Radio Rock winner
Nino Laurenne / Thunderstone
Vili Itäpelto / Smackbound, Tracedawn
Anton Kabanen / Beast In Black

”This song wraps up the 10-year voyage of HEVISAURUS, from the first riff ever created and developing into larger than life scale. It was a breathtaking experience to get this song ready. Biggest thanks goes out to all featured musicians on this song. We salute you!” comments Nino Laurenne (producer).

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