GALLERY: 8.6.2024 Palehørse & Rootbrain@ Skenesali, Vantaa


The first concert of a band is a special event by definition, even when the musicians involved are far from being “newbies.” In this case, ROOTBRAIN boasts some of the finest talents in the Finnish scene. The lineup includes Thomas Wright and Fat Tony on bass and drums (none other than Usva and Tiera from the recently disbanded KUOLEMANLAAKSO), frontman Jules Näveri (SPIRITRAISER, ex-PROFANE OMEN), Hurja Helle (DAUNTLESS, BONE MECHANICS) on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, and the talented German guitarist and producer V. Santura from TRIPTYKON on lead guitar. With such big names involved, what could possibly go wrong? Absolutely nothing. Their debut album, “Breakwater,” was released almost a year ago, so it was time for them to have a proper live show. The Finnish power trio PALEHØRSE was the opening act, giving the audience a chance to enjoy their set as well. This much-anticipated event was held at Skenesali in Vantaa on June 8th, 2024. Check our photo gallery here…



Photos by Mirko Luparelli