GALLERY: 1.6.2024 Sleep of Monsters @ On the Rocks, Helsinki


There is a certain, unbearable, very specific kind of grief that comes when a band splits up forever: we feel grateful for the music they have delivered throughout the years, but we also feel deprived of something we value and care about. In some cases, music can be a very powerful means of self-knowledge and self-acceptance. The band itself feels like a firm point we can always count on in that weird, mysterious relationship between a band and its audience.

SLEEP OF MONSTERS played their farewell concert on June 1st, 2024, at On the Rocks, Helsinki, and we could not miss such an event. We looked at the setlist, which was on the stage floor before the concert started: “Funeral of Monsters,” part 1 and part 2. That said a lot about the band’s attitude and self-awareness of how much that live show would impact their audience and themselves as individuals. But first things first. Check our gallery here…

Sleep of Monsters

Photos by Mirko Luparelli