GALLERY: 28.1.2023 Aavikko @ G Livelab, Helsinki


Going to G Livelab to see a concert always gives a good feeling, as you know that you are in for something fun with excellent quality sound. This time, the occasion was AAVIKKO‘s sold-out show and people were already quietly queueing in front of the door – in that typical Finnish fashion – even though the showtime was 1 hour after opening.

Clearly the occasion called for some extra room in front of the stage, so all the tables had been removed, except for some strategically placed ones, along with a few of the chairs left on the sides. The audience had plenty of time to visit the bar before the trio entered the stage, following a pre-recorded voice, which listed all years starting from 1995 (when the band was formed, to the present), and the word “muysic,” i.e. their self-proclaimed style.

The atmosphere was exactly as one would expect: cheerful and with people dancing to the band’s tunes, and Tomi Kosonen in particular inciting the audience while alternating between keyboards and the electric saxophone, accompanied of course by his bandmates Tomi Leppänen (CIRCLE, K-X-P, PHARAOH OVERLORD, HAUNTED PLASMA) and Paul Staufenbiel.

“We play, you dance!” is a very fitting motto for the band, since it was hard to keep still while listening, with everyone having a good time, particularly with über-classics such as “Viitostie” and “Torpedo Boys.” Time flew by really quickly so that the 60-minute show felt quite short, but it’s not all bad because with just one band and an early showtime, there was still a whole night waiting, and it was certainly nice to start it with these positive party vibes.