GALLERY: 21.5.2022 T.Jarva & the Dark Place, Sydänyön Rytmi, & Uzu Noir @ Keuda-Talo, Kerava


This was the umpteenth time that we have seen T. JARVA & THE DARK PLACE performing a live show, but it was the very first time that this happened in a cinema! Long story short: the location where this event was held was extremely classy and it surely had a big impact on the overall atmosphere and vibe. We are talking about Keuda-Talo in Kerava, which looks nothing like the average venue. The lineup itself was quite unusual, compared to the gigs we usually write reports about: a weird combination indeed, if we take into account the big differences in music genre and the lack of a proper headliner, since the three acts were pretty much on the same level, so to speak. Check out our photo gallery here…

T.Jarva & the Dark Place

Sydänyön Rytmi

Uzu Noir

Photos by Mirko Luparelli