GALLERY: 2.7.2022 SmugglerRok 8 – Day 2 @ Laurinkenttä, Lieto


While the name SmugglerRock may not be internationally famous as the other big event from the same weekend, Tuska Festival, yet this small event has been taking place at Laurinkenttä in Lieto for 8 years as of 2022. The festival took place this year over July 1st and 2nd, with MILLENCOLIN finishing off the second night.

The first band on Saturday was POPEDA, who had a decent sized crowd from the beginning and played a pretty standard POPEDA set. Next, BROTHER FIRETRIBE played their fun brand of adult-oriented rock, with a little extra focus on their new material. Bonnie Tyler was a surprise guest and an interesting one at that. At first we may have thought that we don’t know any of her material, but that was only until we heard “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and “It’s a Heartache.” She’s 71 years old and still touring, what a legend!

We’ve heard rumors that KORPIKLAANI are bad performers. Nummirock had suggested that those rumors were false, but unfortunately on this night, it seemed that Jonne Järvelä was a few too many drinks into the night before starting their set, as he was forgetting words. It was a big cringey to watch, so we opted to get a beer and listen from afar.

MUSTASCH was the act we had really been waiting for and boy, did they deliver! Their intensity and energy were excellent. The last even of the night were MILLENCOLIN and admittedly, we’ve never heard of them. Not a one of us. Their music seemed to be some sort of punk rock, but it wasn’t the right style to keep our attention for very long.

Overall, the festival continued to suffer from the same issues as the previous day: overpriced food and drinks and too long of a wait between bands. Beyond the big critiques, it was fairly well organized, but we’re not sure if we’ll be interested in coming back next year.


Brother Firetribe

Bonnie Tyler




Pics by Sami Hinkkanen
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