GALLERY: 18.6.2022 Tuhdimmat Tahdit – Day 2 @ Sahanranta, Nokia


A new festival had emerged during the pandemic – strange, we know – and 2022 finally allowed this newcomer to see the light of day: Tuhdimmat Tahdit took place at Sahanranta in the small town of Nokia, just outside of Tampere, over June 17th and 18th, 2022, boasting bands like AMARANTHENORTHERN KINGS, and THERAPY?.

The second day started out with heavy rain, which fortunately stopped by the evening. The organizers also learned from any foibles from the first day, bringing in more bar and food staff to help deal with the big crowds. First up was BALANCE BREACH, who were new to us, but enjoyable. Unfortunately, the rain kept us from enjoying their set for longer. By the time BLOODRED HOURGLASS started playing, the crowd had moved closer to the main stage and had significantly grown. They put on a great show, always tickling us in just the right musical nerves. DOOM UNIT seemed to have some technical difficulties and had to start up a bit late. THE 69 EYES weren’t (and still aren’t) our favorites, but they put on a pretty standard show for their sound and the crowd was into it. This was the first time we caught STEVE ‘N’ SEAGULLS and they were both fun to watch and photograph – we’ll have to catch them again somewhere in the future! The NORTHERN KINGS haven’t had a gig or an album released since the early 2010s – they put on a very entertaining show, if a bit slow phase. We also caught ARION‘s only festival gig this summer, which is always a pleasure. Irish rockers THERAPY? was a big crowd-puller, with big fans in the front row. RYTMIHÄIRIÖ wrapped up the tahtilava with Gambina, Koskenkorva, and aggressive riffing – a good way to wind down your Saturday evening. SONATA ARCTICA then finished off this year’s festival. If we were skeptical at first, we were convinced after the first three songs. They proved to be a great choice to finish up Tuhdimmat Tahdit 2022. We’re looking forward to seeing if this festival makes a return in 2023!

Balance Breach

Bloodred Hourglass

Doom Unit

The 69 Eyes


Northern Kings