GALLERY: 18.3.2022 Turku Band Festival – Day 3 @ Utopia, Turku

  • The final day of Turku Band Festival was also the busiest, starting with LASIAISTI, who – according to their Facebook page – play “art rock” with a twist of prog and psychedelia. They were followed by DESTINESIA, who decided to bash at the thrash metal part of our brains. This band was definitely part of the local shout-outs, as they joined the Turku Rock Academy in 2021. Alas, their bassist was unable to perform, so the taped a bass to the amps along with a doodle of a face. These guys definitely left me wanting more!

The next artist to have to cancel this festival for medical reasons was DAYS IN SILENCE, who were replaced with SERVICE 24/7. These guys had more energy than they knew what to do with, and the singer repeatedly insisted that the crowd form mosh pits… and boy did they!

According to their Facebook page, YOKOPHONO “is a power-duo that consists of fuzz-heavy riffs and punishing sixteenth notes. Their music borrows various elements from stoner rock, dance-punk, and modern garade-fuzz-blues, to mention a few.” Well… that was certainly true!

VAXINATOR is another local thrash band. This was my third time seeing them and the progress in their sound and style has been massive! Again, this hit just the right spot and got a big thumbs up from us. Incidentally, they had special guest Ian Perring from BLOODREDNAILS / RAHKO as a guest bassist for the last track.

SPIRIT IRIS were an extreme metal band and unfortunately not my thing, but the colorful lights made for interesting photos at least!

SACRED DIMENSION from Hanko were the last band to close out the event. As always, they were on fire on stage with their unique brand of melodic metalcore. Noteworthy in their set was the bassist’s contact lenses. Alongside DESTINESIA and VAXINATOR, they were among my personal highlights of the event. Everyone should check these guys out!



Service 24/7



Split Iris

Sacred Dimension

Photos by Sami Hinkkanen
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