GALLERY: 13.11.2022 Lili Refrain, Eivør, & Heilung @ Tempodrom, Berlin


On November 13th, 2022, HEILUNG with EIVØR and LILI REFRAIN hit Tempodrom in Berlin as part of their European Tour

LILI REFRAIN is an Italian multi-instrumentalist that creates dark, unique, and haunting yet soothing music, combining raw kulning-like singing with operetta. It was my second time this year seeing Lili perform, but this time was on a big stage. She delivered the same kind of mysterious energy as well, looping and mixing sounds in real-time with intense drumming and an electric guitar. She performed only three songs from the latest album, “Mana,” and she couldn’t do her usual move by going and singing in the audience. Nevertheless, Lili‘ fit perfectly with her’s repertoire fir perfectly with the headliner’s pagan theme.

EIVØR hails from the Faroe Islands and brings traditional Nordic sound with modern-day mellow guitar riffs and electronica. She opened her performance in dusky light with a traditional Nordic drum for the track “Boxes.” The tracklist consisted mostly of songs from the latest album, “Segl.” Her gorgeous voice had the power to carry one away, to making listeners forget about the now and just flow with the sound. She also performed some material written for the TV series, The Last Kingdom. The highlight of her performance was “Trøllabundin,” which emphasized the mesmerizing and impressive vocal ability of EIVØR.

HEILUNG was the headliner of the show. The opening ceremony started with some healing nature sounds and all the “Heilung warriors” creating a circle, receiving a blessing from lead vocalist Kai Uwe Faust. Afterward, all the members of the group – three core members, three Nordic-clad female vocalists, percussionists, and a group of half-naked warriors covered in war paint – took their places. Maria Franz hypnotized the audience with her amazing range in “In Maidjan” and when she hit the highest of falsetto notes, it didn’t sound human – it became a wild and eerie instrument. On the other end of the scale, there were the throat-singing and growls of Kai Uwe Faust, and the occasional deep vocals of Christopher Juul, adding to Faust‘s chants in “Alfadhirhaiti” and “Krigsgaldr.” Some of the songs had very little melody, with the voices just adding another percussive effect to all the instrumental percussion like in “Hakkerskaldyr,” ” Galgaldr,” and “Elddansurin.” In others, the vocal melodies – especially those of Maria Franz – were paramount, especially in “Anoana.” Worth mentioning the three female vocalists: Annicke Shireen, Emilie Lorentzen, and Mira Ceti – they were absolutely stunning, especially in “Svanrand.” The whole show felt like a theatrical piece, rather than a musical concert, some of those experiences were harsh and warlike, others somber or ominous, and others completely spellbinding. They closed the ritual with “Hamrer Hippyer,” which went into a full-on wild Viking party during midsummer. All twenty-two members were dancing, singing, screaming, and stage diving.

HEILUNG is a unique experience that one should see given the opportunity. The work with props, lights, sound, and choreography was excellent! The other artists have immense talent as well, and though they lack the show element, are worth experiencing live.

Lili Refrain



Photos by Alexandra Aim