GALLERY: 10.5.2022 Holy Life & Bongzilla @ Kuudes Linja, Helsinki


Sometimes all one needs is to take a couple hours off and chill, and there was nothing more chill than the atmosphere at Kuudes Linja on May 10th, 2022, when HOLY LIFE and BONGZILLA were playing.

In front of a surprisingly big crowd for a Tuesday night, first heavy stoner rock band, HOLY LIFE, offered a pretty good warm up, and as the smell of weed engulfed the venue – fully green also in color for tonight’s very appropriate choice of lighting – they entertained the audience sufficiently, ending in style with a cover of KISS“Deuce.”

This set was naturally followed by BONGZILLA. In between performing some of the new songs from the latest release, “Weedsconsin,” as well as some of the band’s classics, the singer spent quite some time professing his love for weed (a thought shared by a vast majority of the crowd, safe to assume). With a steady groove, the show went by pretty quickly, joints were shared, and some people claimed a contact high from second-hand smoke… so pretty much everything one could expect from such a gig, before heading back out into the yet-not-so-dark (but still quite cold) Finnish night.