GALLERY: 10.04.2022 Eivør & Lucky Lo @ Tavastia, Helsinki


Last time EIVØR visited us – in this very same venue – it was one of the very last shows before the pandemic. Now the Faroese artist returned for a few dates in Finland (two of which were in Tampere), starting again from where she left off.

There have been a few small changes in Tavastia during the last few months without shows, but the atmosphere was still very much the same when the crowd started to gather in front of the stage for the opening act, LUCKY LO, the project of the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Lo Ersare. Based in Denmark like her touring companion, the artist came on stage with her banjo and entertained us for a good half hour with her mellow tunes and positive attitude, shown also in her interactions with the audience.

After a slightly longer wait than expected, it was finally EIVØR’s turn and by now the hall was quite full (while leaving still enough space in the back and upstairs to sit down comfortably). The show began of course from the “new,” or at least latest record, “Segl,” (the singer herself joked in good spirit about the fact one should not release a new album just before a pandemic), specifically with “Mánasegl” and “Let It Come.” 

While EIVØR was almost dancing and moving around the center of the stage with her guitar, surrounded by her bandmates, one could not avoid noticing also the matching light setup that changed with the mood of each song. Of course, one of the highlights of the show for most fans was seeing that famous shamanic drum in action, and the fans almost immediately got what they wanted. The artist also confirmed her entertainer skills while introducing her songs throughout the evening (which is always a nice plus when done properly). 

The gig went on still with the main focus on the last record, but the fans’ expectations were clearly met with the classics that made the singer reach Netflix fame with the soundtrack for The Last Kingdom, and especially “Trøllabundin.”

If you are into this kind of music, seeing EIVØR live is an experience we highly recommend.