GALLERY: 7.6.2024 Kimi Kärki, Pressure Points, & Anima Hereticae @ Nirvana, Turku


On June 7th, 2024, we had the chance to experience an eclectic mix of performances at one of Turku’s premier metal venues, Nirvana. The evening’s highlight was ANIMA HERETICAE, supported by the progressive metal act PRESSURE POINTS and the acoustic solo artist Kimi Kärki.

The night began in an unusual fashion for a metal gig, with a performance by a single musician with his acoustic guitar. Kimi Kärki, known for his work with REVEREND BIZARRE, LORD VICAR, ORNE, and E-MUSIKGRUPPE LUX OHR, played an assortment of soft acoustic ballads featuring poetic and touching lyrics.

Next up was PRESSURE POINTS, a band from Heinola, celebrating 20 years on the Finnish metal scene. They delivered a full-on metal set with shredding riffs and thrilling intensity, showcasing their two decades of experience.

The final performance of the night was ANIMA HERETICAE, a blackened death metal group from Tampere. They truly gave their all, delivering a long and crushing set that left a lasting impression.

Overall, it was a night full of great music, blending both acoustic and heavy elements, crushing riffs, and soft melodies. There was something for everyone, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance. Check our photo gallery here…