Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band Alase release new single “Clear Sky Is Not a Curse” from upcoming second studio album


Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band ALASE is set to release their second studio album, “A Matter of Time,” on April 14th, 2023, via Finnish Inverse Records. The new single & music video for “Clear Sky Is Not a Curse” was released January 18th and is available here:  

Photo by Nina Nyberg

Guitarist Janne Lunnas comments: “We chose ‘Clear Sky Is Not a Curse’ as the first single taken from the album as the song is pretty straightforward but still progressive. This song was born as our other guitarist Mikko sent me the intro’s clean guitar tracks and I started to build other elements on top of them. The song is filled with hooks and it represents many musical elements of the album. Once again, our lyricist Ninni Swan managed to capture fragile emotions that many people can relate to. Vocalist Juha Tretjakov sang almost every song on this album and he was a perfect fit as the vocalist for ‘Clear Sky Is Not a Curse’ as well.

“If I would need to compare the song to other bands, I think this song is pretty much in the same ballpark style-wise with Katatonia and VOLA, as they combine beautiful elements to crushing heavy drumming and riffs in similar way.

Aarni Visuals filmed a music video to be accompanied with this song and I think they nailed it, great how the atmosphere matches the song.”

CD PRE-ORDER is available at Inverse Store