FEATURED SINGLE: Sirkuit Preiker – Heijastus


SIRKUIT PREIKER is a one-man electronic metal outfit hailing from Tampere, Finland. As MEDEIA‘s principal songwriter, Samuli Peltola uses this side-project to experiment. Peltola recently released his debut single, “Heijastus.” Discover below why it’s important to give this song a spin.

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According to Peltola, the debut single “Heijastus” [ENG: Reflection] depicts a story of a personal apocalypse in the face of death. The project has gained initial momentum by acquiring up-and-coming talent Jonne Soidinaho (producer) combined with world-class mix and master wizard Ville Hautaluoma.

“Heijastus” starts with a glitchy electronic sound but soon introduces heavy chugging riffs on top of different electronic soundscapes that show the true aggression of the song. Vocals are introduced midway through and create an even heavier layer on top. Different time-stamps are thrown around and the song often includes twists and turns that you wouldn’t necessarily expect, creating a well-thought-out song structure with a progressive nature.

Technical, hostile, and experimental, that’s the easiest way to describe the debut single of SIRKUIT PREIKER. Perhaps not what I had initially expected coming from the songwriter from MEDEIA and while some elements in the sound are recognizable for his songwriting, the experimental nature of the music is what intrigues me and makes me excited for what’s to come from this project.