FEATURED SINGLE: Mr. Fastfinger (Mika Tyyskä) – Effortless (director’s cut)


Do you like guitars? Do you think Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are rad as hell? Have you heard of Mr. Fastfinger (the alter ego of one Mika Tyyskä)? If you answered yes two the first two questions, I hope you also answered yes to the third, because this new single will be right up your alley.

If it wasn’t already clear, Mr. Fastfinger is Finland’s Satriani/Vai, and is the alter ego of guitar virtuoso Mika Tyyskä. The persona was originally crafted to be the host of an online guitar school. He has released a handful of albums over the years, including one entitled “Spirit Rising” in 2015. On this album, you’ll find a rather nifty song called “Effortless,” which you can now hear as a new single in Director’s Cut format!

What’s great about this song is its pure fun energy, capped by sheer skill. It opens on a surprising – almost tinkling – note before the traditional Mr. Fastfinger guitar lines kick in. It quickly kicks up the energy a notch, while never slowing down the extremely stylish soloing that clearly shows of Tyyskä‘s beautifully well-developed skills. The energy has a subtle dynamic ebb and flow, as the speed rises and falls to suit the soloing. There are no vocals (have there ever been?), meaning that the star is always the guitars. His fingers take you on a journey, across the frets and beyond space and time, allowing the listener to sit back and enjoy nothing short of pure skill. Tyyskä does, indeed, make it seem effortless.

Ultimately, while albums aren’t the most common product from Mr. Fastfinger, there’s definitely a lot to intrigue by Mika Tyyskä and his music. If you need a guitar teacher, or just want to listen to some great guitar work, this is definitely someone to check out!

Listen to the director’s cut of “Effortless” on Spotify.

Listen to the “Spirit Rising” album on Spotify.

Check out a guitar playthrough of the track on YouTube: