FEATURED SINGLE: Metal De Facto – The Conqueror


There are new winds on the horizon, with many bands going back to the roots of their genre, take for instance THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA who go back to that 80s Swedish hard rock sound. While a lot of genres have trendsetters that go back to their roots, it seems like power metal has evolved in a different direction. Have you been sick of power metal that is lead by backing tracks, disco beats and has in general lost its focus? Where are all these acts of once, inspired by heavy metal and speed metal, who formed their own genre… What has happened to that sound dating from the late eighties?

METAL DE FACTO to the rescue! A new and fresh power metal act from Helsinki, consisting out some familiar faces from the Finnish metal scene. We got acquainted with them due to their spin off act TRIO DE FACTO, who were the warm up act for ENSIFERUM in 2018. At their merch stand the band was selling T-shirts with an eye-catching logo and motto “Make Power Metal Great Again”. Now the band has struck for the first time with their hard-hitting debut single named “The Conqueror”.

“The Conqueror” immediately reminds of acts of the old glory days like IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN, RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER, and old BLIND GUARDIAN in a modern jacket. Proving itself to be a true winner when it comes down to its goal of starting of a streak of songs that will set the highly anticipated return of traditional heavy/power metal worldwide. “The Conqueror” is a return to the roots of what once was power metal and is a guitar-driven song, with killer Iron Maidenesque riffs, spectacular solos, and powerful vocals. With a nostalgic sound production-wise, the band focuses on an edgy, organic sound, that doesn’t feel overly polished, and lets every musician shine equally in the mix. Within the blink of an eye METAL DE FACTO take you back to the 80s with a contemporary feel, beware if you’re not ready for it, because it’s going to be a wild ride.





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