SONG OF THE DAY: Epica – Crimson Bow and Arrow


Normally I don’t ever feature singles from bigger bands. But when some weeks ago Dutch symphonic metal band Epica announced that they would release their “Epica vs. Attack on Titan ” EP also in Europe, I just couldn’t resist writing something in reaction to their new single “Crimson Bow and Arrow”. And here’s why.
“Attack on Titan” is one of my favorite anime series out there. Have you never heard of “Attack on Titan”, no problem. Basically, the story is about a young Eren Jäger, who vows to cleanse the earth of the giant Titans after his hometown got destroyed. Part of “Attack on Titan” is their successful original soundtrack. The first season opened with the theme song “Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon. It’s literally one of the best opening tracks of any series out there. Put it on once and mark my words, you will repeat it for the next few hours. It’s catchy, it’s epic. Moreover, it does have all the elements that a successful Epica song needs to have: epic choirs, fantastic orchestration and a catchy driving melody line.
Now what does this mean for Epica? True, it’s a cover, not their original work. But they have managed to rearrange it so that it exactly fits their style and work. With a big difference that the song brings me back to earlier releases and can easily compete with hits like “Consign to Oblivion” and “Phantom Agony”. The last couple of albums of Epica have appealed to a much bigger crowd, their sound has evolved into something that just appeals more to a mainstream crowd. It has been sounding more broad. Not that that’s been bad, I have liked the previous releases very much, but I miss the old Epica at some times. With “Crimson Bow and Arrow” they really bring back the metal aspect back to the foreground in their music and it sounds like craving for more.
The EP has been released before in Japan, but will be out worldwide on July 20th through Nuclear Blast. In total it contains eight tracks, of which four are instrumental versions. Now, that’s about it. Let me press repeat again on the song, before I finish off by saying, you should definitely check it out if you like Epica and symphonic metal.
1. Crimson Bow And Arrow
2. Wings Of Freedom
3. If Inside These Walls Was A House
4. Dedicate Your Heart!
5. Crimson Bow And Arrow (Instrumental)
6. Wings Of Freedom (Instrumental)
7. If Inside These Walls Was A House (Instrumental)
8. Dedicate Your Heart! (Instrumental)