FEATURED SINGLE: Ember Falls – The World is Burning


“The perfect place to die.”

What a description for the world in which we live right now. When EMBER FALLS released “The World is Burning” on October 16th, 2020, naturally we were tuning in with everyone else. EMBER FALLS is my all-time favorite “modern metal” band. I don’t really know what I mean by “modern metal,” but I know for sure that any band that uses EDM and electronic sounds didn’t really exist back in the day when metal became a thing, so it’s more a phrase I use to separate the way metal has evolved in 2020 to classic metal from the ’70s-’90s so I can differentiate bands like IRON MAIDEN and BLIND GUARDIAN, who are among many classic favorites (who had a notably different sound), from the newer bands. Coming back around to EMBER FALLS, as I said, I think this is the absolute best band among the modern bands that you should be listening to.

Artwork by Tuomas “Thomas Grove” Välimaa

“The World is Burning” is a great depiction of why this band is so great. First of all, the cover art is fabulous, with it’s pig-headed politician-looking person with flaming hands at a podium. But within that artwork, we have more nuances that really show off these guys’ attention to detail. For example, every new single they’ve released from the thus-unnamed upcoming sophomore album in the last year or two has had its own symbol. All of the imagery also follows a distinct color formula centered around the shade of pink they use at the foundation. The music video also follows this color scheme. It’s a small thing really, but it creates a foundation of expectation that the band always delivers on. A true tip of the hat to vocalist Thomas Grove, who is also responsible for the band’s artwork and music videos.

Speaking of the band’s graphic designer, the video too, is fantastic. From basic equalizers to hoards en masse trudging towards a screen, with lyrics in text messages, everything about this music video fits perfectly with the song and reflects the modern world very accurately.

Then we can talk music. First of all, there’s a nice subtle intro with a very strong dynamic build-up into the aforementioned opening quote. We then get bombarded with hard truths to face about ourselves as a species as the band relentlessly tears down our walls to expose the reality of what mankind seems like right now, and it’s not a nice assessment. 2020 has been over-saturated with music about the world these days, but this is maybe the first song that I’ve personally heard that really feels like it’s really saying something. Back that up with absolutely sick classic-shred guitar solos, heavy and gorgeous rhythms (including a proggy/djent breakdown), EDM/electronica/synths straight out of an Initial D race, and the ever-perfect vocal combination of Thomas Grove on cleans and guitarist Calu on growls make this a battering ram right into the place inside us all where we shield ourselves from hard truths. If one song this year is going to make you want to go out and be a better person, this is it.

Want to learn more about the single? We asked EMBER FALLS some questions about it on IGTV! Also check out our Spotify playlist, where you can find the most recent singles of rising Finnish bands.


Written by Bear “Ember Falls is the best band ever” Wiseman


Thomas Grove – vocals

Calu – vocals, guitars

Jay V – guitars

Oswald – bass

Ässä – drums