FEATURED SINGLE: Ember Falls – “For All”


For fans of EMBER ALLS the irregularity with which they release their singles can be distressing, because every new song is something exciting. Luckily, the band dropped a new single on July 9th, 2021, entitled “For All” and the music video caught up a few days later. Check out our previous feature for “The World is Burning,” which includes a live interview with the band.

If any listener out there was, in any way, feeling like EMBER FALLS were beginning to get repetitive, it’s your lucky day. Straight off the bat, this is unlike all of their previous material, due to the the grittier intro and electronic growls. The song then moves forward with a very cinematic, dystopian soundscape, as Thomas Grove and Calu trade off clean vocals and growls respectively, both at their finest. The song naturally has a very catchy chorus – as all EMBER FALLS songs do – with some extra twists and turns to shake you out of the expected verse patterns you’re used to before returning to its delightful chorus. In fact, it may be the catchy chorus or maybe something inherent in that soundscape that keeps this song sounding distinctly like EMBER FALLS while sounding so wildly different from what we’ve heard from them before.

As per usual, this band doesn’t half-ass it as the drums are upkeeping their well-earned esteem, though I wouldn’t mind hearing that groovy bass a tad louder in the mix. Jay-V continues to impress with his slick soloing, which combines with his brother’s sharp growls and rhythms perfectly. Of note, when the band released “We Are Become Fire,” I probed them to step up their game with the eletronica, as Mikko “OneofHaze” McMenamin left the band. Well, they took that and served this song right back into my earballs and, gentlemen, I salute you. Well-played (and I intend the dual-meaning completely).

While this song isn’t accompanied by one of Thomas Grove‘s usual gorgeous lyric videos, it does give a glimpse into EMBER FALLS‘ trip to Tokyo and features some of the material from that journey, both on and off stage, mixed in with digitized words here and there, such as a variety of ways to say thank you in different languages towards the end. This video also has the advantage of showing off the band’s newer stage outfits, which haven’t been seen much as a result of the ban on live shows.

Be sure sure to check “For All” out here, as it will surely find its place on your summer playlists:

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