FEATURED SINGLE: Ember Falls – We Are Become Fire (Musicalypse Archive)


Following EMBER FALLS as closely as we do, Musicalypse is always first in line to hear their latest releases when they come out. This time around, on April 10th, 2020, our electronic metal favorites from Tampere have changed things up with a song called “We are Become Fire,” which immediately drew the mind to the quote from J. Robert Oppenheimer, “I am become Death, destroyer of worlds.” Hopefully we’ll have a chance to do a new interview with them to find out sometime soon.

The song begins with a nice symphonic backing part that is offset by more modern electronic synth. Both the music and vocals start off quite poppy but get progressively more heavy as the song progresses, starting with almost boy band vocals from Thomas Grove and the synths. The chorus balances between a bit of a generic AMARANTHE-type synth sound and epic singalong vocals with powerful drumming by Ace. The song then undergoes a swift change-up about three quarters of the way through, with a rock ‘n’ roll breakdown, traditional epic soloing by Jay V., and even a harsh black metal part with wild guitars; Calu‘s vocals are harsher than ever. Props to the symphonic backing music as well, which is really plainly awesome.

If there is one complaint, it’s that the synth is more basic in this song than in the past. Hopefully this is a mere hiccup in developing their sound after Mikko McMenamin left his place as synth player in the band. As the synth isn’t quite as creative as it was before, it would’ve sounded a bit better in the mix if it hadn’t been quite so heavily foregrounded, muffling out Oswald on bass a bit too much. Nevertheless, EMBER FALLS has released yet another song that’s totally lit, proving that whatever the other electronic bands are doing, they can do it better.

Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2020
OV: 601


Thomas Grove – vocals

Calu – vocals, guitars

Jay V – guitars

Oswald – bass

Ace – drums



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