FEATURED SINGLE: Dyecrest – Winterblood (Musicalypse Archive)


If the name DYECREST is new to you, you may at least know their vocalist, Mikael Salo, from other bands like EVERFROSTMETAL DE FACTO, or THY ROW. A completely different style from the other material, DYECREST are known for modern/melodic power metal. Originally heard on the Are You Not Entertained album from 2018, the acoustic version of “Winterblood” was released in 2019 on the EP entitled The Stage is Set.”

This single has a bit of something extra special now, as it has a new music video that was written and directed by Saara Leutola of Gallacas Films. The beautifully shot and edited music video is a tribute to the work of Finnish fantasy author Helena Waris, who is known for Uniin piirretty polku (2009), Sudenlapset (2011), Talviverinen (2013), and Vuori (2014). The music video features characters in lovely costumes in the woods and though the stories are written in Finnish and therefore I don’t know the plot(s), the music video is intriguing. Backed up by powerful strings and drums, the song is a masterpiece in the setting of a gorgeous video. Salo‘s voice carries a lot of emotion, adding layers to the already bombastic acoustic piece. Everything is just blanket fantastic.

Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2020
OV: 300



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