REVIEW: Dyecrest – EP: The Stage Is Set

DYECREST invaded the Finnish album charts in May 2018, with their outstanding release “Are You Not Entertained?”, which they put out through Inverse Records. (click here to read the review). The band now is ready to present us an EP, tied together with the release of their new single “The Stage Is Set”.
The EP contains 5 songs, of which most we already are familiar with from “Are You Not Entertained”. Aside from “The Stage Is Set”, the band rewards us with three previously unreleased versions of three of their songs, and one brand new track. Out of all these different versions the acoustic version of "Winterblood" impresses the most. An extra bonus is that the band decided to work with a violinist, instead of using keyboards for this. This gives an extra dimension to the song, especially in addition to the choir in the background. "Winterblood" already was a very strong song on "Are You Not Entertained?", but its latest version instantly demands goosebumps from its listener.Before vocalist Mikael Salo was invited to sing on "Are You Not Entertained?", the band had already mixed and mastered the entire album. The band is now rewarding us with two tracks of these previously unreleased versions featuring in total their three original singers on the EP. “First Born Angel” features their first vocalist Janne Oksanen, “Where The Light Was Born” is featuring Kimmo Blom. It basically just comes down to a matter of taste why one would pick one version over the other, and three all singers have their own unique sound. However, to me it seems clear why DYECREST decided to invite Mikael to take over these parts, as he offers the best of both. His interpretation definitely made the album sound more powerful. New on this EP is "Truce", a brand-new DYECREST song, and immediately the one that stole the show on this release. "Truce" is a song that shows no mercy to anyone, it combines the typical DYCREST hooky melodies, with explosive riffs and a phenomenal vocal delivery by Mikael Salo, who somehow managed to show his versatile style in just one song. The EP offers a different perspective into "Are You Not Entertained?" and shows also the what could have been by incorporating the earlier versions of the songs. Perhaps this gives you a better understanding of why the band made some of the decisions regarding vocalists on "Are You Not Entertained?". All-in-all the release is definitely something worth to listen to if you are a fan of the band! 
TracklistThe Stage Is SetTruceWinterblood (acoustic version)First Born Angel (Janne Oksanen version)Where the Light Was Born (Kimmo Blom version)
LineupMikael Salo: Lead VocalsHenri Arola: Guitar, Backing VocalsMatti Pasanen: Guitar, Backing VocalsPirkka Ohlis: Guitar, Keyboards, Backing VocalsJukka Matilainen: BassNiko Takala: Drums