Coventhrall launch upcoming space adventure with first single


COVENTHRALL are finally publishing their flamboyant sci-fi themed album, “Legacy Of Morfuirda.” The opening single is the second track off the album, “Dreadnought,” which introduces the villains of the story and their large battleship.

The creator of the story and the vocalist Sami “Texas” Ilvonen describes the song as follows:

“Dreadnought is a huge, bulky old mothership manned by space pirates and scavenging galactic riffraff. The pirates target defenseless victims in the galaxy’s more remote space lanes and solar systems outside the reach of the galactic Emperor and the law. In this second track of the album, the scavengers arrive in the Morfuidran solar system, piloting the Dreadnought. They aim to enslave peaceful people and strip mine their planet, Morfuidra, of all their resources and ancient technology.”

Sami “Texas” Ilvonen: vocals
Toni Bite: guitars
Jukka Hoffrén: bass, keyboards, guitars
Kimmo Korhonen: guitars
Janne Ojala: drums

The track also features Jari Pailamo in keyboard solo.

Listen to the single on music services:

Watch the lyric video:

Jukka Hoffrén, also known from ADAMANTRA and AMBERIAN DAWN looks back on the creation of the song: “I composed the song with the acoustic guitar sometime in the middle of the nineties at my summer cabin. Both albums, ‘Imaginations from the Other Side’ by Blind Guardian and ‘Land Of The Free’ by Gamma Ray had just come out and I copied them from my friend to a c-cassette, which I blasted on my walkman. One can clearly hear the influence from those albums in the melodies of the song. Some Unanimated, Forbidden, and At The Gates -like riffs can be heard as well.

“The song got rejected by a couple of my bands over the years until finally Mr. Bite and Mr. Texas were taken in by the song enough to definitely want it in the upcoming Coventhrall album.”

This single and upcoming album, “Legacy of Morfuidra,” are released through Inverse Records.