REVIEW: Blackcurrent – EP: Mistreated


Finnish hard rockers BLACKCURRENT have independently released their EP “Mistreated” a few months ago.

The EP features three songs that combine the aggressive style of GUNS N’ ROSES or AC/DC with a rather modern approach to rock ‘n’ roll, for almost 10 minutes of raw hard rock.

Opening track “Low Life Superstars” wastes no time getting to the point, with overlapping drums and guitars to which the vocals add a sense of urgency akin to the aforementioned GUNS N’ ROSES. The guitar lines and solo add more melody to the mix, while the chorus is hooky and easy to sing along to. The second track, “Wanna Talk About It,” starts with a nice guitar riff that continues throughout the song, which is in contrast with the raspy vocals. The backing vocals add some more harmony to the guitars and drums, while the chorus is again rather catchy and simple. The third track, “Mistreated,” is also the most melodic one and the one that really shows the personality of the band. The guitars are very preeminent in this one with a longer solo and more melodic lines that flesh out the music better. It somehow makes me think of FLAT EARTH’s brand of rock music.

“Mistreated” presents songs that might bring a nostalgic feeling to the listener, with a “devil may care” vibe to the lyrics and overall energy that seeps from the music. A nice dose of straight-up rock.   

Written by Andrea Crow


  1. Low Life Superstars
  2. Wanna Talk About It
  3. Mistreated


Ari – Guitar & vocals

Sami – Guitars  & backing vocals

Joona – Bass & backing vocals

Mateus – drums






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