A strong pop ballad about bullying from Niki’s Project


NIKI’S PROJECT released “Like A Clown” a week ago. It’s a touching song and unfortunately the subject matter is far too topical.

“There is a lot of bullying all over the world, in schools, workplaces, hobbies, groups of friends. There’s been more and more news recently about cases of bullying that have ended really sadly and brutally. The lyrics talk about bullying and the feelings associated with it. It seems like this is a big problem in today’s world. We hope that the song will make bullies think about both the consequences of their actions, and that people who are being bullied will find strength and hope for the better,” Niki and Tero say.

A music video for the single “Like A Clown” will set to be released later this spring.

Singer Niki Westerback, front woman for BARBE-Q-BARBIES, has been releasing strong pop and rock songs with her fiancee, Tero Melkko, for a year now. The duo have more releases planned for the summer – and an entire LP worth of material hasn’t been ruled out.

Tero Melkko reveals the duo’s future plans: ”We already have three new songs ready, and the next one will be released in June. There aren’t any gigs for now. But as the corona situation eases we’ll start planning shows as our set starts to be take shape.”