Top 3 albums 2018: artist choice

2018 slipped away from us one month ago. We already told you which albums impressed us the most during 2018, but what did your favourite artists listen to when they had some time in between touring and writing songs? We asked musicians from the Finnish metal scene what their top 3 albums released in 2018 were. This is what they thought... 
Asim Searah (Damnation Plan, Cantilena, Wintersun)Judas Priest - FirepowerGhost - Prequelle Kai Palo (Whispered)Ghost - PrequelleKalmah - PaloDimmu Borgir - EonianBenjamin Connelly (Everfrost)Ghost - PrequellePowerwolf - The Sacrament of SinJuho Patinen (Frosttide)Ghost - PrequelleStam1na - TaivalRiverside - WastelandHarri Koskela (Lost In Grey)Ghost - PrequelleAmorphis - Queen of TimeStam1na - TaivalPauli Souka (Coldbound)Kingi-Enzio & Röyhkeät Ritarit - Partybluesia SinulleFollow The Cipher - Follow The CipherStam1na - TaivalSaku Solin (Turmion Kätilöt, Fear Of Domination)A Perfect Circle - Eat The ElephantThe Anix - Shadow_MovementAmorphis - Queen of TimeSpecial highlights: SKYND, Heilung, Lord of the LostSuvimarja Halmetoja (Humavoid)Brad Mehldau Trio - Seymor Reads the Constitution!Fireproven - Future DiaryRevocation - The Outer OnesLassi Vääränen (Arion)Ghost — PrequelleBlind Channel - Blood BrothersDynazty - Firesign