31.7.2019 Blueintheface & Pää Kii @ Nosturi, Helsinki


The legendary venue of Nosturi is serving its last summer. During the past few months, a lot of gigs have taken place in events called Katto Auki, which literally means roof open. This creates a unique atmosphere at the venue when people can enjoy the bands and also the very precious and uncommon sunlight. This time BLUEINTHEFACE and PÄÄ KII were the ones to guide us through the night.

A local band BLUEINTHEFACE had the though spot of warming up the audience when almost no one was present at the venue yet. But the band actually didn’t seem to get bothered at all by that, they showed a true punk rock attitude by kicking off the show as a band always should. It clearly wasn’t their first time being on a stage, and the lead singer Enni Pastila actually told the audience that they were at the same venue just 5 years ago. The band handled the speeches between the songs well, as at one point Enni gently dedicated one song for people who have ever had a lack of sex.

Even if BLUEINTHEFACE generally describes their music as punk rock, you could hear a variety of influences from metal music or pop implemented to their groove. The synth sounds sometimes even brought some 60’s-70’s rock in my mind. The band had no problem switching between different styles and really seemed to enjoy their time on stage. BLUEINTHEFACE could’ve easily handled a bigger audience, which I believe an energetic performance like this would’ve deserved. Make sure to check them out if they’re performing near you!

The main band of the evening PÄÄ KII kept us waiting maybe for an extra 15 minutes, which really didn’t seem to bother anyone too much. Even if it did, after starting the show with “Paskahousun paluu” there was a circle pit which I think lasted for almost the entire gig. You could almost sense that Nosturi was filling with positive energy. The band played flawlessly, with a characteristic punk attitude and energy. They didn’t spend too much time telling any stories between the songs, as the songs probably have enough to tell on their own.

Although Teemu Bergman gave a few interesting introductions for some of the songs. One that really stuck in my mind was when he said that this song is the favorite of Jari Sarasvuo. That song was a cover of RIKI SORSA’s “Haaveissa vainko oot mun”. The setlist overall had a variety of different songs from PÄÄ KII’s two released albums. It was fun to see how songs about decay, depression and bad relationships made people feel so happy. Maybe songs like that are much more relatable than stories about absolutely perfect life?

While performing the second song of the encore “Rakkuas repii meidät kappaleiksi taas” Teemu introduced a friend of his to the stage, Otto Grundström. Finnish people remember him the best from being the lead singer of TEHOSEKOITIN. Another visitor was present during the final song of the night “Sä veit mun levyt kirpparille” as Kaisa Karjalainen from MAUSTETYTÖT was singing along the last chorus.

PÄÄ KII isn’t a rare band to find from different events, but it’s worth checking out if you get the chance. The songs are easy to digest and get into, guaranteeing a good and positive experience with their music.


  1. Paskahousun paluu
  2. Tuhoava voima
  3. aina jonon viimeinen
  4. Kylän pahalla puolella
  5. Takaisin työttömyyskortistoon
  6. Isieni maa
  7. Koira lähtee piikille
  8. Sweet home Kouvola
  9. Amerikan pressa
  10. Haaveissa vainko oot mun
  11. Kuuden vuoden vitutus
  12. Mr. Masennus
  13. Kolmas maailmansota
  14. Nyt skipataan kahvit
  15. Erilainen lapsi
  16. Apinoiden planeetalla (encore)
  17. Rakkaus repii meidät kappaleiksi taas (encore)
  18. Sä veit mun levyt kirpparille (encore)