27.1.2023 Wöyh! @ Möysän Musaklubi, Lahti


Möysän Musaklubi in Lahti was the place to be on January 27th, 2023! This time, we went to see the supreme progressive act WÖYH!, from brothers Jussi Hyyrynen (YUP) and Antti Hyyrynen (STAM1NA). WÖYH! released their fifth studio album, “Tähti,” successfully on January 6th, 2023, finishing second on the physical album chart. To celebrate this release – and to the delight of their fans – they toured around Finland, with this event being their second-to-last stop.

Möysän Musaklubi wasn’t particularly packed, but there were plenty of prog-rock lovers who all were really hyped up when the band started their show. Before the show, some people were discussing how long they had waited to be able to see WÖYH! live and it really showed – it seemed like everyone in the crowd knew the lyrics of both the old and the new songs. Naturally, the beautiful intro song “Zeniitti” off the new album kicked off the performance.

The best thing about WÖYH! is definitely their entertaining comedy aspect. Every band member has their own tricks and jokes. Some of the funniest moments of the night were the speeches from drummer Anssi Nykänen. First of all, he said that he was going to take part in the Finnish version of Temptation Island and the intro track for the new season was going to be “Wöyhötyksen Ytimeen.”  A little later, he came up with a challenge, where if someone knows how to perfectly sing “Painovoimaton,” that person would win two days of his company and they would watch Dr. Pimple Popper together; such a funny guy!

In addition to his amazing synth-playing skills and epic vocals, Antti Pitkäjärvi surprised us from time to time with his German phrases in between songs and, to nobody’s surprise, we couldn’t keep our eyes off Antti Hyyrynen during the entire show. He was like the Duracell Bunny, jumping and dancing around the stage. It was really amusing to witness something like that, but it also must have required some kick-ass endurance to play the bass, sing, and dance at the same time. Antti’s speeches were also confusingly funny. A recurring joke throughout the evening was that “niin on” is “noniin” but backwards.

All-in-all the night was a success, as we got to experience a good deal of masterful performing. We heard the best of WÖYH! and got to sing and laugh together. It was a really warm and lovely show. If you ever have a chance to go see them play, you should!

Written by Jenni L.
Photos by Juho Jokimies


  1. Zeniitti
  2. Hieho
  3. Wöyhötyksen Ytimeen
  4. Suoapinan Jälkeläiset
  5. Muuntopää
  6. Rapuarmeija
  7. Taurus
  8. Painovoimaton
  9. Kamppailu Merellä
  10. Diskoskorpioni
  11. Kaskelotti
  12. Huterajalka
  13. Ukemi Tatami Totemi Tatami (Encore)
  14. W28Y8 (Encore)
  15. Lokki (Encore)