24.8.2019 Liam Gallagher In The Park w/ Richard Ashcroft & Franz Ferdinand @ Kaisaniemen Puisto, Helsinki


Now that summer season is ending soon, Loud’n Live Promotions managed to organize two sets of super gigs in the heart of Helsinki at Kaisaniemen Puisto. The first evening hosted bands such as CHILDREN OF BODOM, LOST SOCIETYHARDCORE SUPERSTAR and KATATONIA. The second evening in the park was dedicated to Britpop with acts like RICHARD ASHCROFT, FRANZ FERDINAND, and LIAM GALLAGHER.

Traces of yesterday were still found in the park, but the atmosphere changed considerably as a totally different target audience marched their way to Kaisaniemen Puisto. The security was more strict, checked bags thoroughly and as a result, there were a lot more queues – I was also forced to leave part of my photography equipment in the cloakroom, as apparently, it looked like it was a weapon. My equipment aside, entering the park went almost as smooth as the day before.

A lot of people had already gathered for the first act of the night RICHARD ASHCROFT, who once was the frontman of the Post-Britpop act THE VERVE. While enjoying the music, I bump into a friend of mine who told me nostalgia was the driving force behind her decision to come to the event. A statement that I can totally relate to. After all, I’m not all too familiar with RICHARD ASHCROFT‘s new material, but as an enthusiast of THE VERVE, it made me excited for what’s to come.

And surely, a little bit later than planned, RICHARD ASHCROFT entered the stage with his band in front of a huge backdrop of himself, the artwork for his new album “Natural Rebel”. One could have thought that the band would mostly dedicate their setlist to tracks from the new album, however, that was not the case, none of those songs actually made it to the setlist. The setlist included lots of THE VERVE songs such as “Sonnet”, “Lucky Man”, “The Drugs Don’t Work” and of course the ultimate classic “Bittersweet Symphony”. The band was clearly in their element, as all the songs sounded really outstanding live.

After such an amazing performance, it was time for more of a dynamic set, with the Scottish FRANZ FERDINAND. The audience was definitely in the right hands, as the band started off with their classic “The Dark Of The Matinee”, and showed them what synchronic jumping around looks like. I found FRANZ FERDINAND very entertaining to watch, and perhaps the most entertaining set of the night.

With 16 tracks we were served a great portion of alternative rock, with explosive songs such as “Do You Want To”, “Dart Pleasures”, “Michael”, and of course the classic FRANZ FERDINAND that everyone sang along to loudly “Take Me Out”. I had waited a long time to ever see this band live, and I was really happy that I finally was given the opportunity, what a great show!

OASIS may never see the light of day again, so for fans who still would like to hear those tracks live, LIAM GALLAGHER‘s solo project is heavily focused on performing these classic Britpop songs for audiences worldwide. For the first time that evening, the act arrived almost on time, with a little delay, LIAM GALLAGHER and his band marched on stage. He opened the set with “Rock’n’Roll Star” and “Morning Glory” and behind me, I hear a wall of sound singing along with the lyrics. Impressive.

Not being familiar with his solo work, I find I can enjoy most of the songs at times, but of course, the true performance happens when the OASIS classics start rolling, the real reason at least why I was there, and many other wearing an OASIS T-shirt. All-in-all the evening hosted some pretty cool bands from the United Kingdom, which convinced the fans with great and nostalgic songs! Definitely worth it.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Oasis song)
2Morning Glory (Oasis song)
3Wall of Glass
4 Greedy Soul
5For What It’s Worth
8Columbia (Oasis song)
9Slide Away (Oasis song)
10Lyla (Oasis song)
12The River
13Cigarettes & Alcohol (Oasis song)
14Wonderwall (Oasis song)
15Supersonic (Oasis song)
16Champagne Supernova (Oasis song)
17Be Here Now (Oasis song)

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