23.8.2019 Children Of Bodom Jättikeikka w/ Lost Society, Hardcore Superstar & Katatonia @ Kaisaniemen Puisto, Helsinki


Now that summer season is ending soon, Loud’n Live Promotions managed to organize two sets of super gigs in the heart of Helsinki at Kaisaniemen Puisto. The first evening had the melodic death metal band from Espoo CHILDREN OF BODOM as the headliner, supported by acts like LOST SOCIETY, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and KATATONIA. With such an incredible lineup, we surely had to be part of the event!

We made our way to the event site relatively early, as the summer has been filled with mishappenings to get accreditation. Everything went smooth and a little before 17:00, I found myself hiding underneath a tent from the rain. It was clear from the beginning that the weather would be kind of a major factor in the event. Especially during LOST SOCIETY‘s show, it was raining cats and dogs. That didn’t hinder the audience, nor the band to have an incredible show. Think of killer tracks like “KILL (Those Who Oppose Me)”, “I Am The Antidote”, the latest single “No Absolution”, the famous RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE cover “Guerrila Radio”, and the audience returning the favor by organizing moshpits in the mud.

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR was next in line to perform their act, and you guessed it right, the weather did not spare us for the second round. Having never listened to their music, I was impressed by the immense energy the Swedish sleaze rock band from Gothenburg had. The band played about 11 tracks of hard rock, and the audience was definitely up for it. One fantastic moment was when singer Joakim Berg called the audience out for being not as loud as the crowd in Gothenburg. The Finns once again proved themselves by shouting the loudest they possibly could. I guess the moral of the story is to never compare a Finn to a Swede.

The event site had changed into a giant puddle of mud, but the audience was unstoppable and gathered for the next show of the evening: KATATONIA. The Swedish doom metal act was going to perform songs from “Night Is the New Day”, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary. So, the band did what they promised and played the whole album from the first minute up until the very last, which was an incredible set. What first seemed like the odd one out, managed to claim their position among all of these heavy acts. This surely will be a show that lots of fans will always remember.

Then it was time for CHILDREN OF BODOM, the legendary Finnish melodic death metal band. Whenever CHILDREN OF BODOM plays in Finland, they surely deliver a tight set, and it sure wasn’t any different this time around. The band has released their latest album “Hexed” some months ago, so naturally, a lot of new songs were added to the setlist, and boy do they sound outstanding in a live setting. The fans who got cold during the intense weather situation throughout the whole event could call themselves lucky, as the band had prepared a show filled with pyros and fireworks to heat the crowd up.

The show was not only fantastic for the audience, it must have also been a great memory for the band, as they received a golden award for their album “I Worship Chaos”. The setlist, consisting out of 17 tracks was a great mix of new and old classics. With my personal highlights being the opener “Needled 24/7”, the uplifting new track “Under Grass and Clover”, the epic “Downfall”, and the explosive final song DROPKICK MURPHYS‘ cover “I’m Shipping Up to Boston” featuring LOST SOCIETY. Even though the rain made the event a tad uncomfortable for many, we faced it all together, and we were served with marvelous bands, having dynamic sets that truly made it worth the while!

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