2022 IN MUSIC: Heart Attack


If 2022 treated anyone nicely, it must have been HEART ATTACK. Not only did they sign with Atomic Fire Records, but they also released a brand new album, and even had a show at Hellfest. We chatted with the band about what the past year has been like for them. Read the complete interview here…

A new label, a new album, a show at Hellfest. I’m pretty sure you have had a very dynamic year, what were some of the highlights you went through as a band in 2022?

Yes indeed, 2022 was an incredible year for HEART ATTACK! We achieved some of our teenage dreams and this year will always be remembered! Signing with Atomic Fire Records after all that we went through and having the chance to work with a great team was indeed a great turning point for HEART ATTACK. It has been an incredible pleasure to work with them who have so much experience and are so nice! We really felt supported like never before, to see such important people in the music industry believe in us, it’s really something. 

Yes, Hellfest was crazy! We’ve been coming to Hellfest for 10 years as spectators. For French metalheads, it’s a real pilgrimage, a little bit like Wacken for the Germans I guess!

I’ve always seen bands playing on this mainstage, SLAYER, HATEBREED, LAMB OF GOD, MÖTLEY CRÜE and I didn’t dare dream of playing there one day, but finally, it’s done. This mainstage was amazing and we got a lot of feedback from fans who cried with happiness when they saw us do this. We got congratulations from the festival, it was a great moment!

The second event that will mark this year is our release party at the Opera de Nice. Organizing a metal concert to celebrate the release of “Negative Sun” in the place where Napoleon used to spend his evenings was historical. The Opera was sold out on 4 floors and we had worked hard on this show with hip-hop and classical dancers to pay tribute to the “Wings Of Judgement” music video and therefore to the artists who fought against the adversity of this pandemic. It was a magical and timeless moment.

Looking back to your show at Hellfest, how was the experience to perform at such a big festival after years of no festivals at all due to the pandemic? 

We were the very first band to play on this Century Edition of Hellfest (on the same stage where METALLICA ended the festival). Hellfest told us that they had never seen circle pits and a wall of death like that at this early hour of the festival, people were completely crazy! We felt that they had waited for this for 2 years, it was a great moment of reunification, everybody was reunited after two years around this great metal festival and also around our music, in the end, it was unforgettable. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned as a band in 2022?

We learned a lot! We learned how much we missed playing live, how much we missed meeting people on the road, and how important music is in our lives. We admired the fact that people in the music and art world helped each other, we got a lot of help from the city councils of the South of France to shoot music videos in incredible places like the Roman arena of Frejus, the Opera of Nice, or the Stadium of Vitrolles. On a personal level, we have learned to optimize our organization to become more professional. When a label like Atomic Fire trusts you, you have to be up to it!

Have you personally (re-)discovered any (new) music during 2022?

We listen to a lot of music, this year we listened to a lot of new stuff, for me [Kevin Geyer] a lot of Electro like Daniel Deluxe or Rone, but also the last LORNA SHORE album or the last DECAPITATED, I also love the last UNTO OTHERS, I know Chris also listened to a lot of music from GHOST and OASIS, for example.

What can we expect from HEART ATTACK in 2023? More shows, hopefully? 

For 2023, we want to continue our way to other live performances and festivals. We have great projects, we want to expand our fan base around the world, and discover new cultures and new countries through music. We already have some great festivals planned like the Motocultor Open Air with ABBATH, DYING FETUS, DEICIDE, etc. and we will also spend a lot of time in the studio to compose!

 Article by Laureline Tilkin