19.07.2018 Cannibal Corpse @ Nosturi, Helsinki


It was a hot Thursday in Helsinki, along with two support acts Cannibal Corpse made a stop in our beloved venue Nosturi. Sometimes it happens, you attend a concert as press and because of someone’s mistake, you don’t happen to be on the list of a soldout event. Because of that, I missed the first band’s concert completely.

I was just in time for the second band Pillorian, but as soon as I got up to the venue, the terrible heat hit me in my face. It must have been warmer there than inside, because of this reason there was only a small amount of people present to check out the support acts and the action of the audience would only happen later during Cannibal Corpse. No one felt like doing any extreme movements. Pillorian’s set was really tight though. I had not heard of the band before, but I quite enjoyed their music, which made me instantly look them up after I got home from the show.


After Pillorian’s great set, it was time for Cannibal Corpse. It seemed like the guys were really struggling with the heat. Because come on, playing death metal as intensive as Cannibal Corpse, is deadly with temperatures like that. There’s an obvious lower interaction from both sides than during other shows, but the audience pays attention nonetheless. This is what most have waited for and I did spot people headbanging, some moshing and one crowd surfer during the concert.


The venue is packed. Good for the band, not good for oxygen. I march my way to the drinking area, where normally people are just having a good time without paying too much attention to what’s happening. This time around, everyone had their eyes on Cannibal Corpse. The band started their show with a lot of new songs but ended with classics. For a band with such brutal lyrics, they did seem cheerful to be back in Finland and ended with a speech of how they would be back soon. All-in-all this was an intense night full of extreme and brutal heavy metal, the heat didn’t stop anyone from having fun.

Cannibal Corpse Setlist Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland 2018, Red Before Black