15.4.2022 Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators Live From Boston – Live stream


From the period of steaming back to live events, SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS Live From Boston offered a combination of both and, even better, the streaming show was available throughout the whole weekend if any of the fans missed the live show on Friday, April 15th, 2022. The show was filmed during the recent River is Rising Tour to support Slash’s new release of the album, “4.” The 21-song set list included the classic favorites as well as the brand new songs.

Dim lights revealed the stage with the recognizable logo in the background, lined by amps on either side of the drum kit. Slash, Myles, and THE CONSPIRATORS took the stage and the show started with the well-known guitar riff from “Driving Rain.” The crowd got excited, which was palpable in the streaming chat. Slash‘s style was in his signature top hat and sunglasses, casually and brilliantly playing the song’s solo, while Myles belted out the lyrics by his side. They kept the attention of the audience like riding a wave with “My Antidote,” followed by “Shots Fired” from 2012’s album, “Apocalyptic Love.” With its galloping beat and screaming vocals, the song fit perfectly into a live set. With a slower and more melodic direction with “Serve You Right,” they calmed the crowd. The song flows smoothly and sets the next song, “Back From Cali.” The song took the set back to Slash’s solo self-titled album, which featured Myles on vocals. As the band continued to perform, Myles‘s presence on stage was never overshadowed by Slash‘s, but his vocal delivery was critical to the band’s success. “Whatever Gets You By” had a funky vibe to it, and the crowd responded by dancing. Myles ultimately left the stage and bassist Todd Kerns took center stage for an incredible rendition of Lenny Kravitz‘s “Always on the Run.

Many tracks from “4” were performed live, like “Fill My World.” This song was written from the perspective of a dog and it has some fantastic guitar work by Slash, as well as some excellent lyrics. Every decent rock show requires a ballad and “The One You Loved Is Gone” filled that role, followed by “Call Off the Dogs,” another cut from album “4.” Todd returned to the stage for “Dr. Alibi” and delivered another fantastic vocal performance. Sir Elton John‘s renowned song, “Rocket Man” was up next, with the audience illuminating the auditorium with cell phone lights.

One of the show’s highlights was when the band performed “Nothing to Say” from Slash‘s 2010 solo album. Brent Fitz‘s drumming and a searing guitar solo were the highlight of this song. Due to Slash‘s presence, rhythm guitarist Frank Sidoris was frequently forgotten. His contribution to the concert was understatedly excellent and he maintained a steady rhythm throughout the night.

The last three songs left an indelible imprint that lingered for days. The beat of “You’re a Lie” encouraged some heavy head thumping. “World on Fire” contained lyrics that were thought-provoking, while encore “Anastasia” wrapped up the event. This song was so incredible that it could have been a professional guitar seminar. Myles‘ voice made an indelible impression. Slash is a fantastic guitarist, but Myles is an even better vocalist and the two of them make a stunning duo.

The SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS shows are still going on this spring and they are not to be missed. Check for a local performance date and if you have to drive a little to watch the show, go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Written by Peter Jerman


  1. Driving Rain
  2. My Antidote
  3. Shots Fired
  4. Halo
  5. Back from Cali
  6. Spirit Love
  7. River Rising
  8. Whatever Gets You By
  9. Always On the Run (Lenny Kravitz cover)
  10. Standing In the Sun
  11. Speed Parade
  12. C’est La Vie
  13. Fill My World
  14. One You Loved Is Gone
  15. Call Off the Dogs
  16. Dr. Alibi
  17. Rocket Man (Elton John cover)
  18. Nothing to Say
  19. You’re A Lie
  20. World on Fire
  21. Encore: Anastasia