13.09.2019 Turmion Kätilöt @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


I haven’t lived in Finland for a long time, so the underground music of this country is still something I would like to explore a bit more. That’s why, when they asked me to go to On The Rocks for TURMION KÄTILÖT, I just had to say yes after listening only to a few songs. I got to the place quite early, around 7 pm, since the gig was sold out, and I found the venue already pretty crowded.

I took my time to talk a bit with the fans and the more I heard about the band, the higher my expectations got. TURMION KÄTILÖT were one of the most famous Finnish bands back in the 00s and surely I don’t have to explain to you people who they are, but many things has changed since those days, basically since Spellgoth left: no more duct tape, no more extreme ostentations, but most importantly no more porn actors on stage.

Something that I instantly noticed was the vast diversity of people in the audience, a huge age range, and so many different looks created one of the most beautiful heterogeneity I’ve ever seen. As soon as the venue’s music stopped playing, the atmosphere of the On The Rocks became thrilling. The band let us wait for 15 minutes before entering the stage, but the energy of the crowd did not grow dim for a second.

They started playing “Verta ja lihaa”, a song from their first album, which I suppose is a true classic masterpiece by the reaction of the people. The generated vibe made me literally forget that I had been awake from 4 am, and I got trapped in it even if I barely knew any of the songs.

Since it was Shag-U‘s Birthday, TURMION KÄTILÖT surprised both us and him with a little “gift”: they made him sing “Kolmekymppinen” (a popular Finnish song) while on the back screen some really cringeworthy pics were projected. After this wonderful karaoke experience, Shag-U got even a birthday cake… thrown in his face. Mc Raaka Pee licked some of the cream away and gave him a cute birthday kiss making the audience go crazy.

Seeing TURMION KÄTILÖT perform is not just taking part to a gig, it’s a proper show that doesn’t need frills as nudity or porn actors to be entertaining. Combining their music, their attitude on stage and the energy of the audience is more than enough to create some very one-of-a-kind spectacle. The crowd was tireless: everyone has been singing, dancing and head banging the whole time and the way the band interacted with the fans created a powerful, but at the same time funny, performance.


1. Verta ja lihaa
2. Love Is Dead
3. Pirun Nyrkki
4. Hades
5. Kolmkymppinen
6. Teurastaja
7. Vihko
8. Faster Than God
9. Viimeinen Matka
10. Dance Panique
11. Vihreät Niityt
12. Helvetin Torvet
13. Sikiö


14. Kärsi
15. Pyhä Maa
16. Lataa ja Varmista

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