10 Finnish bands to look out for in 2022.


We have shared our lists of favorite releases from 2021 with you, but we haven’t quite hyped you up yet for the new year. Quite a lot of bands have already announced new albums, while others have hinted at new releases. We’ve collected 10 Finnish bands that are worth looking out for in 2022.

1. Kuolemanlaakso

The Finnish death-doom spearhead KUOLEMANLAAKSO, starring vocalist Mikko Kotamäki (SWALLOW THE SUN), are about to release their first album in 8 years via Svart Records. The band recently released a first taste of the new album, “Katkeruuden malja,” featuring Lotta Ruutiainen of LUNA KILLS.

2. Brymir

In 2019, epic metal act BRYMIR released the magnificent Wings of Fire.” The band recently inked a record deal with Napalm Records and have hinted that they have been working on new material. Hopefully, this new material will be ready in 2022 so that we can all enjoy the highly-anticipated follow-up to their best record to date.

3. Dirt

Another metal band from Finland that recently got a record deal (with Ranka Kustannus) is the heavy metal band DIRT. The 5-piece already released the first single off that record, “Real World,” a catchy banger with a lot of attitude. We’re curious to hear more singles and maybe even an album release in 2022.

4. Stoned Statues

I discovered this band when they were announced for at Knotfest in summer. I had heard the name before but hadn’t checked their music out yet. I was in luck, since STONED STATUES had released their debut single, “Demento,” 2 weeks prior to the announcement. STONED STATUES was founded in 2019 when childhood friends Allu Tanskanen and Markus Hakala found Jenna Kosunen at Ahlman’s music school in Tampere, where they were studying together. Together the trio play a mix of metal and prog with rock and pop elements.

5. Balance Breach

BALANCE BREACH recently released their new single, “Overthrown” – a frenetic blend of metalcore, post-hardcore, and modern rock along with smashing headbanging sections and mesmerizing choruses! The single is part of their upcoming yet-untitled release, coming in 2022, which is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut full-length record, “Dead End Diaries.”

6. I Am Your God

In 2020, melodic death metal act I AM YOUR GOD surprised us with their debut, “The Resurrection.” The band has recently released a brand new single, “My Venom,” which combines beautiful melodies and heavy riffs in the typical Nordic way. They’re bringing back the nostalgia of 2000s melodic death metal into modern times and we can’t wait to hear more!

7. I Am the Night

Rising from the deep valleys of Kymi in southernmost Finland, I AM THE NIGHT is black metal rooted in the classic early ’90s tradition, where walls of guitars and synthesizers raise the forces of darkness in a battle against the heavens and burning angels light up the night sky. Formed by some well-established musicians in the scene, ranging from bands like PARADISE LOST, INSOMNIUM, and HORIZON IGNITED, the band has already released one single, “Hear Me O’ Unmaker.”

8. Oddland

Finnish progressive metal alumni ODDLAND recently released a second digital single and video off their upcoming studio album “Vermillion.” The song, “Unity,” shows a tight and intense-sounding approach, rhythmically complex, and rich in melodies and emotions. Another strike before the full-out progressive attack will be released in March 2022.

9. Gladenfold

In 2019, Finnish melodic death/power metal act GLADENFOLD released their album, “When Gods Descend.” The 6-piece have recently released a new track, “Starborn,” which contains footage from the band’s latest studio sessions. The band has hinted that they have been working on new material, now let’s hope that 2022 brings some more GLADENFOLD magic to our midst!

10. Dawn of Solace

Recently, Finland’s very own DAWN OF SOLACE announced their third full-length record, titled “Flames of Perdition,” which is set to be released via German powerhouse label Noble Demon. Initially scheduled for a release on November 12th, the album, unfortunately, had to be pushed back to January 28th due to the worldwide situation and delays in physical production. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to the release of their album; the hype is real!

Written by Laureline Tilkin