10.2.2024 The Callous Daoboys, Unprocessed, & TesseracT @ Tavastia, Helsinki


Following the release of their latest album, “The War of Being,” UK-based progressive metal powerhouse TESSERACT embarked on a European tour in January/February 2024. Fortunately, their tour included a much-needed stop at Tavastia in Helsinki on February 10th, 2024, promising an evening filled with intricate music, supported by mathcore outfit THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS and progressive special guest act UNPROCESSED.

While we hadn’t been particularly inclined towards mathcore before, we still anticipated THE CALLOUS DAOBOYS‘ performance. We weren’t surprised about the intensity of their music and despite it maybe not being entirely our cup of tea, the seven-piece from the US, really knew how to put on a show. Despite the initial technical hiccups they faced on stage, including guitar and vocal issues, the seven-piece US band delivered a spirited show, undeterred by these issues; something I wildly respect. Once these technical glitches were resolved, the audience could fully immerse themselves in the band’s energetic performance and what a show it was! While musically being the odd one out, I’m quite sure everybody was impressed by their skill and attitude.

German group UNPROCESSED, whose 2023 album “… And Everything In Between” had swiftly become a staff favorite, promised an exciting live set. In our pre-show interview (to be published sometime in March), the band expressed their commitment to delivering an engaging performance despite the complexity of their music. Their set primarily featured tracks from their latest release, such as the thunderous opener “Hell,” which showcased the band’s many talents. Near the end of their set, UNPROCESSED playfully demanded the audience to crowd-surf for more songs, a request that likely stirred up some daring fans in the audience – watching the show from the hallway due to the sold-out capacity, this is something I entirely missed out on – however, considering the band played more tunes, I’m sure there at least a couple of brave souls who tried their best to fulfill their demands. Their high-energy performance and flawless execution left us longing for more!

TESSERACT being a band that most likely performs at festivals here and never really had a proper headlining show of their own in Finland (at least according to my knowledge), meant that this show was a sold-out stop. It was great to see such a diverse audience of old fans, but also people who got to know the band through their latest release.

As TESSERACT took the stage, the venue underwent a transformation, with large LED lights resembling lightsabers and the band’s cube logo serving as an imposing backdrop and ego-risers in front of the stage. While I cannot compare it to their previous performances in Helsinki, this production was undoubtedly impressive. Despite challenging lighting conditions for photographers, the visual spectacle was captivating from the audience’s perspective. The band emerged amidst a blue glow, enveloping them in an ethereal aura as they launched into “Natural Disaster.”

In general, it was captivating to witness the band’s collective presence of being in the moment. While vocalist Daniel Tompkins exuded a commanding presence, with the necessary gravity, the rest of the band couldn’t help but smile at times, simply because it felt like they were doing what they loved with such passion. New tracks like “Echoes,” “Legion,” “The Grey,” and “War of Being” resonated powerfully live, alongside fan favorites like “Juno,” creating a dynamically flowing setlist that perfectly complemented the evening. Apart from the excellent visuals and aesthetics of the show, the sound was top-notch.

Altogether, this touring package made for a very interesting evening filled with three very different bands playing excellent music. In general, TESSERACT‘s set was instant proof that despite the popular belief of booking agents, there is a thriving prog market in Finland. The sold-out show and the many smiling faces in the crowd spoke volumes. I, for one, can’t wait for the band to hit the stage in Finland again.

Text and photos by Laureline Tilkin


  1. Natural Disaster
  2. Echoes
  3. Of Mind – Nocturne
  4. Dystopia
  5. King
  6. War of Being
  7. Smile
  8. The Arrow
  9. Legion
  10. The Grey
  11. Juno
  12. Concealing Fate, Part 1: Acceptance (Encore)
  13. Concealing Fate, Part 2: Deception (Encore)