Velvet Ocean release new single, “My Life (Full of Chaos)”


With the publication of a new single, “My Life (Full of Chaos),” Finnish melodic metal band VELVET OCEAN continue on the path marked by their debut album, combining elements from different music styles.

“My Life (Full of Chaos)” is about a deep depression that has progressed too far, making it difficult to move forward.

“Sometimes in life, the day may come when everything has gotten to the point where you can’t get out of bed anymore. All of life seems to just be chaos,” VELVET OCEAN‘s singer and songwriter, Riitu, tells about the song.

The song also features flamenco-style guitars, inspired by Paco de Lucía‘s playing, combined with the energy of modern melodic metal and the chaotic worldview of the corona year. A lyric video for the song has also been published and can be watched on Warner Music Finland‘s YouTube channel.

“We shot the video in a really harsh weather on the sea ice in Oulu. It was pretty freezing, but we thought that it brought out exactly the right atmosphere we had planned.”

Helsinki Records‘ production wizards Toivo Hellberg and Maki Kolehmainen have brought a great new perspective to VELVET OCEAN‘s composition. The single was mastered by Svante Forsbäck.

This summer, VELVET OCEAN will perform in Qstock (Oulu, Finland) on Friday 30th July and in Piippurock (Ii, Finland) on Saturday 7th August.


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