Tuonela Magazine’s Annual Staff Picks 2022: Peter Jerman’s Edition


Now that the year 2022 is coming to a close, we at Tuonela Magazine want to share the releases we enjoyed the most. Each of our staff members will share their own lists, so here is the list of Peter Jerman

There is no single way to define a year in music, especially the year 2022. Coming back after a few years of uncertainty has led each of us to create a “new normal” in our relationships to culture, and to each other. With an imploding touring business and an increasing number of artists taking time off for their mental health to get away from it all, we looked for something bigger than ourselves: the comfort of nostalgia, the excitement of a festival, the occasional merengue, and freedom from a world unmoored by climate change. Here is my list of the best songs and albums of the year. They couldn’t give us all the answers we hoped for, but at the very least, they provided a fleeting and desperately needed moment of salvation and celebration.

Top 10 International albums

10. Meshuggah – “Immutable”

9. Brutus – “Unison Life”

8. Alter Bridge – “Pawns & Kings”

7. Rolo Tomassi – “Where Myth Becomes Memory”

6. Oceans of Slumber – “Starlight and Ash”

5. Red Hot Chilly Peppers – “Return of the Dream Canteen”

4. Ugly Kid Joe – “Rad Wings of Destiny”

3. Wilderun – “Epigone”

2. Ghost – “Impera”

1. Blind Guardian – “The God Machine”

Top 10 Finnish albums

10. Huora – “Älä luovuta”  

9. Kuolemanlaakso – “Kuusumu”

8. Lost Society – “If the Sky Came Down”

7. Lähiöbotox – “Itä-Metal”

6. Dub Vallila – “Katakom Beat”

5. Santa Cruz – “The Return of the Kings”

4. Viikate – “Rillumarei!”

3. Apulanta – “Sielun kaltainen tuote”

2. Ville Laihiala – “Ei meillä ole kuin loisemme”

1. Wolfheart – “King of the North”

Top 5 music videos

5. Ugly Kid Joe – “Failure

4. Brutus – “Victoria

3. Metallica – “Lux Æterna

2. Ghost – “Hunter’s Moon

1. Blind Guardian – “Blood Of The Elves

Top 5 international songs

5. Ugly Kid Joe – “Kill The Pain” 

4. Metallica – “Lux Æterna”

3. Brutus – “Liar”

2. Ghost – “Call Me Little Sunshine”

1. Blind Guardian – “Secrets Of The American Gods”

Top 5 Finnish songs

5. Ikinä – “Hattara”

4. Huora – “Krisi”

3. Luna Kills – “Bullet”

2. Lähiöbotox – “Myrkky”

1. Wolfheart – “The King”

Top 5 cover art

5. Ugly Kid Joe – “Rad Wings of Destiny

4. Red Hot Chilly Peppers – “Return of the Dream Canteen

3. Muse – “Will Of The People

2. Oceans Of Slumber – “Starlight And Ash

1. Blind Guardian – “The God Machine

Best collaboration

Ozzy Osbourne featuring Jeff Beck – “Patient Number 9”

Best concert

Lähiöbotox & Nightwish at Jäähalli, Helsinki – April 24th, 2022

Top 5 most anticipated releases of 2023

5. Shereign – “Ghost Diaries”

4. In Flames – “Foregone”

3. Steve Vai – “Vai/Gash”

2. Powerwolf – “Interludium”

1. Metallica – “72 Seasons”

Want to share your lists with us? Comment below with your lists.

The whole Tuonela Magazine team wishes you an inspirational 2023 filled with a lot of new music to discover. We hope to see you back next year!