Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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24.01.2019 Oceanhoarse @ Bar Loose, Helsinki

Oceanhoarse has invaded the Helsinki metal scene only last way, but they are still on the move to conquering all venues in town. This...

3.10.2018 Ancara & Exlibris @ On The Rocks, Helsinki

Helsinki offers plenty of gigs for those who want to discover some new bands, On The Rocks usually has a varied schedule during the week and...

18.8.2018 Silver Bullet & King Company @ Virgin Oil co, Helsinki

King Company was founded in early 2014. Their debut album “One For The Road” soon followed in 2016. Now the band is back with a new singer:...

16.08.2018 Thy Row @ Bar Loose, Helsinki

New kids on the block, Thy Row held their legendary first show at Bar Loose on an ordinary Thursday 16 August. I arrive half an hour...