24.01.2019 Oceanhoarse @ Bar Loose, Helsinki


Oceanhoarse has invaded the Helsinki metal scene only last way, but they are still on the move to conquering all venues in town. This time the band put Bar Loose to the test on 24 January 2019.

The band had a lineup change in August, as vocalist Tommy Tuovinen had left the band because of hearing loss. The new singer, Joonas Kosonen, had been introduced already a while ago. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow me to go to that show, so it was the first time I witnessed Joonas Kosonen in action.

It turns out that the new singer is an excellent fit for the band, and fills in Tommy Tuovinen’s shoes like a pro. Overall, the band played a bit of a different setlist, including some new songs that they will release hopefully soon, and some released songs such as “The Oceanhoarse”, “Intruder”, “Waves”, and “Fading Neons”.

At some point during the show free Jägermeister was distributed, and I saw one guy grab a handful of them. Needless to say that five minutes later he was the party of the show, made space for a mosh pit and engaged the audience to join him. Anything can happen during the Oceanhoarse, you just have to be prepared for it!